Filming & Events

October 2016 | Virtual Tour

October 2018 | Virtual Tour


Location Specs

12000 sq. ft. ‘The Park Event Space’ —> filming/parties/concerts events in DTLA

We offer a 8000 sq. ft. ‘ground floor access’ space (with two garage doors in the front for easy load-in at street-level from the front and back of the building.  We also have 4000 sq. ft. basement for staging/make-up and a creepy boiler room eccentric uses etc.

Our space is available for all filming and rental needs with three restrooms, dedicated cubicals and offices, kitchen area, bar and second floor mezzaine.

2 large garage doors at front entrance
Huge freight elevator that leads to back alley
2 floor balcony that overlooks entire space
Secret room with cantilevered balcony that hangs over bar area
Full Bar
Kitchen area
Rear parking
Basement can be rented for basecamp
One way mirrored office / green room / dressing room that overlooks the space
100 x 100 fiber optic internet


Your fashion workspace innovator.

As Los Angeles’ first downtown fashion-centric shared workspace, we bring you an innovative opportunity to tap into your creative side and enhance your working capabilities. Expand your options, work harder than ever before, and increase your productivity in a space surrounded by others who have the same work ethic as you.

Although any professional or company is welcome to grow in our community, we specialize in providing individuals in the fashion industry with the space and environment they need to thrive. The Park’s mission is to create a fashionable facility that is recognized by the industry and fashion companies as a respected community of creative and innovative individuals with great potential.

What makes us different than a typical shared workspace? Our well-versed staff, who is committed to providing individuals with a personal network of connections and opportunities. Helping you find the resources necessary to advance your business and ideas, we work with you while providing much more than just a space to call your office. Creating an open and friendly environment, it is our goal to bring together like-minded individuals and companies by creating partnerships and opportunities for our members.

We go out of our way to provide the best service to help you produce real results.

Our staff doesn’t care about being right, we care about getting it right. Period. Almost every staff member on our team is an entrepreneur, and we understand the humbling experience of starting a business. Providing the place that startups, businesses, and individuals depend on to get their brand off the ground, The Park hits a personal heart string within our staff members. We take the success or failure of those using our office spaces personally, as our members are considered family. Your success is ours, and nothing makes us happier than seeing your hard work, passion, and dedication pay off.

From designers to writers, lawyers, and tech professionals, we offer you a place to make things happen. The Park can be the way to your success. Let us show you how. Come in today for your free tour or contact us with any questions.